General SwimSafe Information

** 2017 Dates to be announced **

THEN organises Swimsafe sessions at Gallagher’s Aquatic Centre – Melville.

Each session consists of 5 x 40 min lessons, Monday to Friday (less if across a public holiday) with classes scheduled either at 12.30, 1.15 or 2pm.

Class sizes vary but are generally between 4-7 swimmers of similar skill level.

Sessions booked for 2017 are:

To be announced

If you wish to enrol your child(ren) for one of these sessions, then please:

1.  Join THEN for 2017 – you need to pay $20 to THEN general acct = 03 1318 0046337 00, AND complete the membership form here each year!!!

2.  Book via e-mail with your child’s name and which session(s) you are wanting to book. Please Do NOT book via text or Facebook.

3.   Pay – THEN is subsidising Swimsafe this year so that it is $30 / child / week.  Please pay to THEN swimsafe account = 03 1318 0046337 01.  Please include your child’s surname, how many children you are paying for, and the session(s) you are paying for e.g.  Nobilo x3, T1 March.  You are expected to pay 3 weeks in advance of the session you are participating in.  To save both you and us time and hassle please do this as soon as you book (the only time this doesn’t apply is if you are booking for the following calendar year as we like to keep our years’ accounts separate).  You will receive one reminder 3 weeks before your class and if you do not pay and / or contact us by the end of another week then your child’s name will be removed from the list.

4. Communicate – If you have any questions, you need to change your booking, or are not able to pay in the timeframe expected, then please communicate with us at ASAP so that we can help or just know what is happening.  If your child is sick / injured then please let us know.  Refunds will be given if there is someone available to take your place, or, in the case of sickness / injury, we have been notified before the start of the Swimsafe week.  A medical certificate may be required.  THEN is charged on a weekly basis, therefore if your child swims any one day of the week session, a refund for sickness cannot be considered.

5.   Come – If your child has never done Swimsafe before then they will be assessed  at 12.30 on the first day of the session to see which level they will be in (level 1-10).  You will be told after this assessment which lesson you need to come to on the following days.  If you have been before then Loral will advise you via e-mail which class times your family needs to come for.